1. Trust

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Anton du Preez

Sitting here thinking 'bout how to make things right
It's been awhile since we had our last big fight
Watching waves wash away castles in the sand
Wondering how to be a better man

But I don't care to find the answer
No I don't need the reason why
'Cause now I know you are my lifeline
And you give me wings to fly
Baby, you're by inspiration
And now I know where I belong
'Cause with you my life carries on

Sleeping less, drinking more, clouded by my fear
I sit awake chasing thoughts as the dawn is drawing near
I cannot comprehend what perfect is to you
But why do I fight, when I know this much is true

[Repeat Chorus]

Carries on like the wind as it rushes
Over great Midwestern plains
You smother me with kisses
As the thunder makes it rain
Though lighting bolts may strike
And try to split our hearts in two
I know that you'll be with me
'Til our life is through

[Repeat Chorus] x2

'Cause with you my life
Baby, you are my life
Denny, with you my life carries on