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Fun, energetic remix of Air I Breathe, inspired by the musical styles of Hardwell and Zedd.


“Air I Breathe (Pacific Remix)”
Anton du Preez

Wide awake, watching as you sleep
Whisper softly, kisses on your cheek
Loving you with all my heart and soul
Hold me close, the lights are way down low

You make me smile within my eyes
I love your smile and sparkling eyes
Won't you come closer please
'Cause you're the air I breathe

Close my eyes, resting in your arms
Safe with you, I can't resist your charms
Touching me, oh, so tenderly
Sing a song made for you and me

[Repeat Chorus]

So hold my hand wherever we may go
Making love, take it nice and slow
Kiss my lips and whisper, sweet "Hello"
Hold me close and never let me go

[Repeat Chorus]