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Light of My World (Eclipse Remix)

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“Light of My World (Eclipse Remix)”
Anton du Preez

Whatcha wanna do now?
Baby, I got it
All I wanna do now, is
Baby, get started
Two hearts beating life as one
This kind of love won't come undone
Nothing can change the way I feel for you
You enliven me

You are my light
You are my love
I want to be with you
For all of my life
I'll be by your side
'Cause you are the light of my world

Whatcha wanna know now
Baby, I love you
All I ever dream of
Is to be your lover
Two souls share a single thought
There's no escaping, now I'm caught
Nothing can change the way I feel for you
You're a part of me

[Repeat Chorus]

Moonlight shadows all the world
And now I can't see
Searching through the darkness
It's your light that sets me free
One single kiss, it makes me weak
I'm on my knees

[Repeat Chorus]