1. Let Me In

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Let Me In

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“Let Me In”
Anton du Preez

He slams the door, you feel your heart start racing
Just like before, you feel there’s no escaping
The spirits change him, only rage in his eyes
But still you love him, you say he’s not a devil in disguise
Distract him with his song
Your innocence is wrong
He won’t leave you alone

Oh Davey, just let me in
So I can rescue you
Oh Davey, just let me in
For I have come for you

You hide your eyes, and hope that no one’s looking
Your bruises scream and cry, but you just say you slipped on something
He’s hurt you for so long, you don’t feel it anymore
But this time he hits so hard you struggle rising from the floor
You find your love is gone
Trying in vain to just hold on
He won’t leave you alone

[Repeat Chorus]

You find the strength inside, now, to get away
You’re thinking, “don’t give up”
Vision blurs from your tears
You’re thinking, “I’m still here”
Lock yourself in a room and dial 9-1-1
Your life has just begun
So hang tight, ‘cause Davey, here I come

[Repeat Chorus]