1. Come Close

From the recording Be Bold

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I initially wrote "Come Close" as a sultry R&B song for a web-based dance channel pitch. It did pretty well but wasn't the final selection. I then rewrote the entire lyrics to reflect my own relationship, and remixed the drums and bass for a different feel. Now, with two songs sounding pretty similar ("Close" and "Chance"), I had to decide which to use for the album. Discussing this conundrum with some other musicians, I decided to make a hybrid with the best of each version. One of the most intimate stories of the album, it's a tale of love and dancing.


“Come Close”
Anton du Preez

I’ve got a story; it’s time to tell
Trying for heaven sometimes all I see is hell
I’ve got this feeling, been here so long
Another day and everything is going wrong
I won’t give up

All I see is you and me
Together for eternity
When we're dancing

Baby we don't need clothes
Wanna see you exposed
I want you the most
And close to me
Baby just lose control
Of your body and soul
Never let you go
Stay close to me

We're moving slowly to the beat
Your kisses softly on my neck
I gently kiss your lovely cheek
Passionate breathing on my chest

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

Don't need clothes
Let's get exposed
I just want you close
Slowly move me
Oh so sexy
Dancing wild and free

[Repeat Chorus]