1. Hello

From the recording Be Bold

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What's the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do before going to bed? Besides brushing your teeth and/or checking the news, I'm betting many of you check in with your friends! I wrote this song for a TV commercial pitch, centered on the idea of the greeting "Hello" in various ways, often through technology. This one was especially fun because my fiancé, Dennis, worked with me to edit the lyrics, select the most common languages, and even sing some background tracks! It's not often we get to make music together, and as you'll discover, "a lover's worth a hundred friends..."


Anton du Preez

The sun comes up now every morning
Get up and turn on the TV
Pick up my phone and see who's calling
I wonder who it's gonna be

I say Hello and you say Hey
Wouldn't have it any other way
Cuz when you're friends it doesn't matter what you say
It could be Howdy or What's Up
Aloha, now give me a hug
I’d rather see you face to face

Cuz a smile's worth a million words
A friend is worth a thousand people
A lover's worth a hundred friends you know
But if you can be a friend to me
Then there is something you will see
A smile gets a smile in return
So just say hello

The sun goes down now every evening
Backlight illuminates the screen
So many ways that I can reach you
Video or call what do you please

I say Bonjour and you say Hi
Konnichiwa, it’s not goodbye
As-salaam ‘alaikum to you friend
Hola, Privyet, Ni Hao or Ciao
Namaste, to you I bow
I wanna see you face to face

[Repeat Chorus]

Say Hello; Privyet, Konnichiwa, Ni Hao
Say Hello; Namaste, Ciao
Say Hello; Salaam 'alaikum, Bonjour
Say Hello; Tervehdys

[Repeat Chorus]