1. Pillow

From the recording Be Bold

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I'm sure you've all heard the old adage, "never go to bed angry." That's probably one of the most impossible words of wisdom, since we're all human and can't simply turn off emotion. Through research of emotion and memory, we've discovered that when experiencing a given emotion, our brain draws upon memories that support it. It's physiologically difficult to break that cycle immediately! After processing and confirming this thought in counseling, I had to write a song about it. None of us are perfect, and we all get mad sometimes. But you can still be mad and be in love. So "for now, let's take it slow. I'll be your pillow."


Anton du Preez

Sometimes life finds a way to make permanent waves
And it feels like you missed all the beautiful things
But in time realize that it's never too late
You forgive and forget all your past mistakes

I know it's far too hard
To find perfection inside our hearts
But that don't mean we can't break free
Hold onto the love between you and me

I don't wanna go to bed mad at you
I know you don't wanna be mad at me
We'd have to be a superhuman just to let it all go
But for now let's take it slow
I'll be your pillow
I'll be your pillow tonight

Sometimes life has a way to illuminate things
No need for pride let your eyes flow with all of your rain
And it's okay to be scared, yeah baby I am too
Here's my plan, take my hand, yeah we'll make it through

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

La da da da x4

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]