1. Haystack

From the recording Be Bold

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Life. Relationships. Emotion. Some are pleasant, some are not. It has been a very uncomfortable experience to recognize and explore "negative" emotions throughout my life, as I'm sure it is with many of you. (I put negative in quotations because these feelings are a natural part of the wide array of emotions we experience). We'd all rather feel happy and content than angry or irritated. "Haystack" dives into this angst, departing from my regular style of songwriting. This is because facing my "negative" emotions is foreign to me, and I have spent most of my life ignoring or suppressing them. In working with my counselor, I am better able to recognize these as something not to be ashamed of, but rather to welcome as a complex part of my entire being. Adapted from one of my journal entries, this song is an aggressive lyrical statement with musical dissonance to stress my discomfort, but it also represents the catharsis of releasing these frustrations.


Anton du Preez

It's like a needle in a haystack
Imma roam around the world until I get back
Cause I hate it when I'm flying lonely
And it's you that's gonna try to own me
That's right I'm not your one and only
Baby you gon' make 'em clap clap when I get back back
You ain't pull one over on me
Cuz I know there're other guys that you see

Don't try to plead
Not with me
It's time to start over right now

Photographs and memories of all the places i've been the places that I've seen (yeah)
Too many boxes, it's time to empty them out, and throw that shit out, (damn)
Sometimes it doesn't work out the way that you've planned, sometimes it's damned, (okay)
So drink it up, live it up, party every moment ’til you can't lie (that's right)

Hold your head high
Say good bye
It's time to start over right now
Don't try to plead
Not with me
It's time to start over right now

Okay this message is for all who second guess, quit it
You'll never get no where with all the stress, hit it
Exercise your working memory, retrieve it
This should be rather elementary, believe it
Haters wanna hate, I’m in the zone, defense
Take another sip of that patron, you’re tense
Imma show you how to control that animal, intense
If you go too far capital offense

If you wanna roll hard don't fuck with us
It's just a matter of time before I roll my cuffs up
But you wanna make it better hell yeah get some
Help somebody when they come

Man I'm like a needle in a haystack
So face that, I'm back from lookin’ everywhere to try to find the best match
So long to promises you can't keep
Trying every second for a harmony you can't reach
Sang it in the east and I sang it in the west
And I come to give you more and I'll never give you less
But I really gotta say it to you, get it off my chest
It's time to start over right now

[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]