From the recording Be Bold

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I spend a lot of time inside my own head, overanalyzing pretty much every situation. This can be very exhausting, feeling like "I'm stuck inside the eye of my storm." But, when I met my partner, my heart burst into flames, tearing down the walls I'd built. "Solo in My Mind" depicts the struggle to break through my own walls and letting go of my false dichotomy: "I'm either happy or I'm down." 
It was a joy having Jim Howeth (one of my buddies from the Seattle Symphony Chorale) join me on this piece. Initially I'm singing alone because I'm stuck inside my head. On the second chorus, Jim sings in unison to show I'm not alone, but meets me where I am. Then in the bridge, each voice blends into a whole choir to show I have a whole world of support. " last, a break..."


“Solo in My Mind”
Anton du Preez

I'm so tired of being in my head
No windows to my soul
I wish that I could share those words unsaid
But I can't find the door
No oh oh oh

Alone, with this solo in my mind
Running out of time
Alone, with this solo in my mind
I'm stuck inside the eye, of my storm

I'm so tired of being in my head
Nobody else at home
I built so many walls that I can't shed
Now I'm all alone
No oh oh oh

[Repeat Chorus]

Fear envelops me
The false dichotomy
I'm either happy or I'm down
Screaming violently
But no one else can see
The longest battle I have ever known

Then at last, a break, my air escapes
My heart, on fire, can't be replaced
I scream and cry, so hard to try
But I can finally let you in

I'm home, with this solo in my mind
Letting go in time
So long, to this solo in my mind
We'll make it through the eye, of my storm.