1. Unashamed

From the recording Be Bold

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"Unashamed" came to me in a sensory deprivation tank. For a long time, I’ve struggled with being ashamed of who I am (and sometimes still have relapses). This past December, I was struggling with feeling like I had failed the residency, feeling ashamed for lack of success, and feeling ashamed for being who I am. But in meditating in my mind gym (created through several stages by the awesome work of Mark Divine in Unbeatable Mind), I had this revelation. I have nothing to be ashamed about. I have always given my best. I will continue to give my best. And I am, and always will be, who I am. Midway though my float session, these lyrics came to me, and I began singing. Somewhat defeating the purpose of the sensory deprivation float, I jumped out of the tank and made a voice memo of this song. 

I think this is a message for everyone. You have no reason to be ashamed of who you are. This piece reflects all of my being through music: a juxtaposition of English, Afrikaans, Celtic, African, and French heritage. Through language and instrumentation, I can reflect and accept my all. I hope you will do the same!


Anton du Preez

Solo voice:
I am who I am
I am simply me
And will always be
Who I am
I'll forever be
Singing healing me
Unafraid to be
Who I am

Onbeskaamd (unashamed)
Ek is dapper (I am brave)
Vir ewig (forever)
Ek sal nie bang wees (I will be unafraid)


Solo voice:

Ek sal nie bang wees