From the recording Unreleased

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Written for the short film 'Crowbar' directed by Lee Ryan Coston (2018).

Written and recorded by Anton du Preez

© Anton du Preez Music


“I’ll Be With You”
Anton du Preez

I see you
Troubled and oh so blue
I swear that I’ll make your smile come through
Eyes like the brightest star
Illuminate all you are
Beautiful shining from afar

The words you need to hear
I promise that I’ll be near
Holding your hand
Helping you stand
Year after year
I know this much is true
You’re gonna make it through
From now on you’ll start anew
I’ll be with you

You have spent far too long
Forgetting what’s right or wrong
Searching for somewhere to belong
Now that you’re home to stay
I’ll be with you everyday
So let all your sorrows melt away

[Repeat Chorus]