1. Hold On

From the recording Unreleased

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Written for Diane. May her beautiful spirit watch over us all.

Written by Anton du Preez

Vocals: Anton du Preez
Acoustic guitar: Tyler Rydosz

© Anton du Preez Music


"Hold On"
Anton du Preez

When you’re feeling low
It’s hard to see the good you have
Maybe different now
But never gone while you still last

Gifts have many forms
And something this peculiar has its own
Don’t despair, my friend
You don’t have to go through this alone

So hold on
Time is never certain on its road
Keep holding on
Life has its riddles that it throws
Stay bold

It’s okay to think of when
Better days were all you knew
You were young and then
Like everyone life snuck up on you

[Repeat Chorus]

We can’t stay young forever
Life may hand us lemons as we grow
But promise you’ll say never
When the bitterness invites you to its home
You’re not alone

So hold on
Keep holding on

[Repeat Chorus]