From the recording Unreleased

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Written and produced by Anton du Preez

Vocals, electric guitars, keyboards: Anton du Preez
Acoustic guitar: Tyler Rydosz
Drums: Gabriel Giannelli

© Anton du Preez Music


“I’m Always Here”
Anton du Preez

My heart is racing in my chest
It’s been so long since I have seen your face
Such a different time and different place
I hope that you will see the best of me
I’m afraid to show you all these tears
That I’ve locked inside for so many years

Then through the crowd I see you
I almost turn around
But this moment’s waited far too long
So I won’t back down

Runnin’, runnin’ straight to you
Where my heart has always been
Happy, happy here with you
Where my smile can laugh again
Nothin’ can stop us now,
Together we’ll show them how
Love is forever strong
No matter how far we are,
I’ll be your reservoir of love
Cuz you know that I’m always here
You know that I’m always here

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown
Like a mirror, your eyes are shining back
With that playful smile about to crack
I’m proud of all that you’ve become, my dear
I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in all the world
Cuz you’re awesome and you rock my world

Then through the crowd I see you
And no one can compare
You’re the key to the heart I locked away
Searching for you everywhere

[Repeat Chorus]

Whatever the future holds
I’ll always be near

Runnin, runnin, straight to you
Happy, so happy here with you
Even from from away
I’ll be with you every day

[Repeat Chorus]