1. Love Obsessed

From the recording Love Obsessed

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Written and produced by Anton du Preez

Vocals, brass, bass: Anton du Preez
Tenor saxophone: Jason Gay
Electric guitar: Travis Smilen
Funk guitar: Tyler Rydosz
Keyboards: Damian Martin
Drums: Gabriel Giannelli

Album Art: Timothy Scahill

© Black Labs Music


“Love Obsessed”
Anton du Preez

I can’t even find my senses
Can’t breathe, can’t sleep, you’re on my mind
You make me lose my self-control
Acting crazy, can’t unwind

Ooo, I’m obsessed
Love Obsessed
(Love Obsessed)

It’s all I can do to keep my head on
Can’t think of anything but you
Cloudy, fuzzy, where’s my mind gone
I’d be cured if I had you

[Repeat Chorus]

And if I don’t think bout you now everyday
My heart gets so cold
So cold, yeah
I wanna touch you now in every way
I want you

Can’t get enough of you
You need to fill me up with you
I Gotta have you yes I do
See Right now
I’m Spinning outta Control
I want your body next to mine

[Repeat Chorus]
[Sax Solo]

Imma have to find myself a doctor
I think I’m love sick with desire
Baby all I need is you
I’m burning up, my heart’s on fire

[Repeat Chorus]