1. Make Me Better

From the recording Unreleased

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Written and produced by Anton du Preez

Vocals: Anton du Preez and Gabrielle Helfer
Guitar: Travis Smilen
Piano: Damian Martin


“Make Me Better”
Anton du Preez

What if you played with my heart
Making up rules as you go
Would it be fair from the start
This is a game we don’t know

Everyone that we see appears to be
Happy and lovey dubby and maybe
That could be you and me if only we try
Why can’t this be a little more easy

This love potential
Is existential
And you might be the one to
Make me better
This love confusion
Is just an illusion
Cuz you were always the one who can
Make me better
Won’t you make me better

Just the thought of you keeps me up all night
I’m dreaming wide awake, you’re as elusive as sleep
I’m scared to fall in love, but this feels so right
Are you longing for me too now, should we just take that leap