1. Someday

From the recording Unreleased

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Written and produced by Anton du Preez
©Black Labs Music


Anton du Preez

So amazing, captivating
No use containing, my heart is racing
It might sound crazy, just thinking maybe
Before you go I'll say hello
How cool it'd be if you were sitting here with me
In this small cafe
What would I say?
But I'm too late you're walking out into the night

I'm writing this letter
To tell you how much
I think of you
I'm falling for you
I don't even know your name
But with you it's not the same
'Cause I think I love you
But I can't find you
So I'll leave my letter here inside this small cafe
I hope it finds you someday

Maybe one day I’ll come back this way
Sit right here and sip my latte
Just when I order one more
You walk through the door
I’ll buy your coffee
You’ll smile just for me
We’ll sit and reminisce on when I first saw you
In this same cafe on that special day
When you left before I had a chance to say hello
Will I ever know?