1. 16 to 60

From the recording 16 to 60 - Single

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Written by Anton du Preez
Dolby Atmos Mixing by Pascal Pahl
Mastering by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios

Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Bass: Anton du Preez
Guitars: Tyler Rydosz
Drums: Gabriel Giannelli
Orchestra: Budapest Scoring

Album art: Timothy Scahill

© Black Labs Music 2023


“16 to 60”
Anton du Preez

You’re on the road and cruising quickly
Rushing down the path that you see here
To get to there
We’re taught it’s not the destination
The journey is for contemplation
And yet we’re pressed ahead

In life you choose the best you can
Through all of the hopes and dreams you’ve planned

From 16 to 60
You’ve traveled many roads and side streets
And for 15, beside me
The years have flown by
But sometimes slowing down
As we learn
To stop and rest awhile
And just enjoy the ride

You’ve reached the place you’re meant to be
It might not be the place you thought you’d see
But you’re so filled with love and joy
You’ve made it through so much, somehow
So do the things you couldn’t until now
There’s so much time left to enjoy