1. Weakest Link

From the recording Where I Belong

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“Weakest Link”
Anton du Preez

Life without you is not worth living
I stare at my own reflection with tears streaming
One single thought prevails in my mind
And it's you
But why can't I shake this feeling inside
That my one hope will be with you?

I can't go on
Dreaming and wishing and crying and missing
You are only
As strong as your weakest link

You found someone else faster than I can recover
But still I dream that one day I will be your lover
Now everyone says to cast you away and I'm trying
But you're my best friend and I can't go on
Without you embracing my life

[Repeat Chorus]

Crying 'til my tears run dry
I feel like I'm drowning in life
Watching you go
Is killing me slow
Please just give me one more try

[Repeat Chorus] x2